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Mayor Khan wants to bulldoze our Suburbs to make way for more homes

There is a housing crisis and Kingston needs to play its part. However, we cannot allow the Borough to be destroyed by an ill thought through approach to new homes.

The Mayor of London sets Kingston its targets for house building. His new draft London Plan seeks to double the number of homes Kingston needs to build. We don’t believe this is possible.

The Mayor plans to achieve this by bulldozing large numbers of detached, semi-detached and Terraced homes and putting 2 in their place and then building in your garden. These post-war homes are the real essence of what it is to be a Suburb, and the Mayor’s 2 for 1 policy will lead to the destruction of the suburbs.

How can places like Surbiton be the “Queen of the Suburbs” if Mayor Khan has destroyed the Suburbs and what it means to be a resident in Kingston?

We want to send the Mayor a message and this is why we want you to join our Save our Suburbs campaign. Sign the petition and we will keep you up to date with all the developments as we work to change the Mayor’s mind. With your support, and the support of all Kingstonians we can robustly resist this terrible plan and secure a Better, Brighter Future for Kingston.

Draft London Plan petition to the Mayor of London

We, the undersigned, do not wish to see the end of the London suburbs.

We do not believe that increasing housing targets by demolishing suburban housing and replacing it with higher density homes, is the appropriate way to solve the housing crisis.

We call on the Mayor to ensure that new housing is accompanied by infrastructure commitments so that if our Borough develops housing we get appropriate investment.

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